Hardscape That Creates a Beautiful and Lasting Impression

Patio with plants

Stone stepsWhether it’s natural stone or concrete, hardscaping elements are an important bridge that brings your landscape and living areas together. I use natural shaped and cut flagstone, (in various hues and sizes) and patterned and shaded concrete as part of my design palette to create the foundation of your landscape project.

For installation, I only work with proven, experienced concrete professionals with whom I have a history. I know their work and they understand my design esthetic and high standards. They understand that site preparation is essential to ensure your project receives a concrete installation that will stand the test of time.

If you would like me to give you some suggestions on what to consider when planning your hardscape in the Lancaster, PA area, please drop me a note.



Dry Stone Walls and Stone Steps Make an Elegant Statement

Dry stone wall with stepsWhether your home is a modern condo or a classic farmhouse, natural stone is a wonderful addition to any landscape design. The use of stone walls works beautifully as a transitional element, blending elevations and plantings into a wonderful tapestry.

Patio with dry stone wall

I specialize in dry stone wall installations which add intense texture, color and character to your landscaping project.  I use hand selected stones with a weather worn patina that gives the finished stone wall the timeless sense that’s it’s been there for years and will be for many years to come.

Stone steps also provide a wonderful sense of permanence and a great transition between elevations. Properly installed, they are maintenance free and will last a life time.




Landscape Lighting to Extend Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Gazebo at pond with lightscaping

Stone steps with lightscapingNothing increases the drama of landscaping like well-planned, well-executed garden lighting (lightscaping). It expands the life and enjoyment of your landscape by extending the visual impact into the twilight hours. Proper lighting enhances the architecture of your carefully chosen trees, shrubs, and specimen plantings, while offering the security and safety of illuminated pathways and patios.