Landscape Planting Done the Right Way

Backyard flowerbedsThere are several key elements to choosing plant materials for a long lasting landscape design. First is studying the topography of your site and knowing what trees and shrubs have the appropriate growth habit and characteristics to thrive in your particular environment. There is a lot to consider as some species do better in wet or dry areas then others, some are slow growing, or need more or less sun exposure.

At the beginning of our collaboration, I sit down with you and walk you through the plants I prefer to use. All are chosen for their vitality, growth habit, distinctiveness and architectural attributes. I only use plants from professional wholesale nurseries that are zone hardy and grown in the mid-Atlantic region.

That said, I also listen and take into consideration my clients’ wishes. If they have a specific species in mind, I do my best to incorporate it in the plan, or suggest a better alternative. I also do my utmost to work with any existing trees and shrubs whenever desired and/or possible.

My Unique Approach

Patio with dry stone wall and plantI find that scale and growth habits are the two plant criteria most overlooked by landscape designers. This can result in over planting (higher initial investment) and increased maintenance when plants outgrow their space and invade that of their neighbors. In my designs, plantings are carefully selected for both scale and growth habit.

Drainage for your plants (and building structures) is also essential; I make sure to design the foundation of my landscape first. I specialize in creating tile fields, drainage pipes, sloping topography, and elevations properly to ensure your landscape design works literally “from the ground up”.

I’ve created a catalog of the many planting materials I use in my design palette. These are the proven trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses (some familiar, some unusual and unique) I’ve discovered over the years that perform well in our climate.



Landscape Maintenance to Protect Your Investment

Pruning a plantAlthough I pay particular attention to creating low maintenance plantings in my designs and carefully select trees and shrubs for their steady growth habit, your landscape will require seasonal maintenance to keep it looking its best.

In particular, proper and selective pruning is essential to the beauty and health of trees and shrubs. Never has the phrase “Get a professional” been truer then when it comes to pruning. The question no designer wants to hear is “Hello. Can you help me? I tried to trim my (fill in the blank) and it didn’t go so well. Can you fix it? “

And, our team is happy to help out. Please call me before you tackle your pruning. With our 38+ years experience, my team and I stand ready to help keep your landscape looking ship-shape. If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer”, I’ll be only too happy to show you how the first time. Or, if you’re busy and prefer having our team help your landscape adjust happily to the seasons, give me a call.